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Oceania Deposits by Country

Country Inflation GDP Population Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
New Zealand 4.5% 26,670 4,541,340 3.65% - NZD Feb 2017
Australia 3.4% 38,663 23,665,600 3.05% - AUD Feb 2017
Papua New Guinea 8.4% 2,167 7,398,500 2.50% - PGK Feb 2017
Fiji 8.6% 4,366 859,178 2.25% - FJD Jun 2016
Solomon Islands 3,345 581,344 0.75% - SBD May 2016

Oceania Overview

The geographic region of Oceania is the lowest populated (under 40 million in total) but home to two of the most traded currencies in the world, the Australian Dollar (AUD) and New Zealand Dollar (NZD). The major economy in the region is the country of Australia which according to the IMF in GDP PPP is the 17th largest in the world.

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